10 Things That Make People Happy

Scientists from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, conducted an experiment to find out what are the things that make people happy. He formed a special group and each participant was asked to provide information about what makes them happy on the day. This is done continuously for several days, then the data is collected and processed to determine the 10 things that make people happy. And the result is ...

10. Playing games (computer or otherwise).
What Makes People Happy

9. Shopping

8. hobby
What Makes People Happy

7 Communicating with friends

6 Music

5. Playing with the kids
What Makes People Happy

4 Meditation and religious activities

3 Helping others
What Makes People Happy

2 Party

1 Associated Intimate
What Makes People Happy (10 Pictures)

What Makes People Happy (10 Pictures) How do you think, would agree with the above results. How happy version do you think?